Summer Program Highlights and Elite Camp Series: Update from Virginia Beach City FC Academy 

Virginia Beach City FC Academy is thrilled to bring you the latest updates on our program and share the incredible progress made by our talented athletes. The Summer Academy PRO Experience, which spanned the entire month of June, proved to be an exceptional learning opportunity for our players.

Weeks 2 and 3 were particularly special, as we had the honor of hosting guest coaches from Longwood and JMU. These professionals, who coach at the collegiate level, provided our athletes with invaluable insights and in-depth coaching. Our VB City players embraced the wisdom shared by these esteemed coaches and have since dedicated themselves to diligently applying the newly acquired skills to their respective games.

As the Summer Academy PRO Experience drew to a close, we wasted no time in launching our Summer Elite Camp Series on July 10th. The response has been overwhelming, and we are grateful for the enthusiasm and participation from all the young athletes. To give more aspiring players a chance to experience the camp, we have decided to offer a registration link for one-day attendance. This allows athletes to try out the camp before committing to the full series.

The Summer Elite Camp Series focuses on honing individual positions and skill sets, with each week dedicated to a specific area of the game. The first week showcased breathtaking shots and remarkable saves as goalies and attackers battled it out to claim the upper hand. It was an exhilarating display of talent and determination.

As we embark on the second week of the elite camp series (July 17-21), we turn our attention to midfielders and defenders. This week provides a unique opportunity for athletes in the heart of the pitch to elevate their skills and concentrate on their individual abilities. We anticipate an intense and spirited competition among these players as they strive to reach new heights.

Looking ahead, we have an exciting final week of the summer elite camp series planned. This pre-season camp, scheduled for next week(July 24-28), aims to prepare all athletes for the upcoming full-year season, which is just around the corner. It’s the perfect opportunity to fine-tune their skills, build team cohesion, and establish a solid foundation for success.

We are pleased to announce that registration for per-day attendance at the Summer Elite Camp Series is now available for $75 for one day, $150 for two days and $225 for three days, giving athletes a taste of the exceptional coaching and training we provide. 

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to Virginia Beach City Academy. We are immensely proud of our athletes’ growth and achievements throughout the summer program. Together, we will continue to nurture their passion for the sport, cultivate their skills, and inspire them to reach their full potential.

To register for the Summer Elite Camp Series, please visit:

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Week 3: 

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