West Virginia Soccer: Team Night and MLS All-Star Game Excursion

We were thrilled to announce an exciting event that brought our MLS NEXT team together for a night of bonding, team chemistry, and exhilarating soccer action. We attended the highly anticipated MLS All-Star game on July 19th, an experience that was both memorable and inspiring.

Our MLS NEXT team had been working diligently to prepare for the upcoming season, and what better way to foster team camaraderie than by attending a game that showcased the very best talent our league had to offer. The match took place at the prestigious Naval Academy’s Glenn Warner Soccer Facility in Annapolis, Maryland, with kick-off scheduled for 10:30 am ET on Wednesday, July 19th.

This unique opportunity allowed our young and growing team to witness the immense talent and high level of play that MLS NEXT represented. As a new addition to the MLS NEXT league, we were immensely grateful for the chance to observe and learn from some of the finest athletes in our league. This experience undoubtedly inspired and motivated our players as they continued to develop and strive for excellence on the field.

Not only did this excursion provide our team with an opportunity to witness exceptional soccer, but it also served as a valuable bonding experience. As a team, we recognized the significance of building strong relationships and fostering team chemistry. By embarking on this journey together, we aimed to create lasting memories, strengthen our connections, and solidify our collective vision for the season ahead.

Our entire MLS NEXT team traveled from West Virginia to Maryland to support our MLS NEXT athletes and revel in the excitement of the MLS NEXT All-Star game. We were grateful for the support and commitment from our players, coaches, and families, as well as our dedicated fans who continuously stood behind us.

As we eagerly anticipated this remarkable experience, we extended our gratitude to the MLS NEXT league and the organizers of the MLS All-Star game for providing us with this incredible opportunity. It was a testament to the progress and potential of our team, and we aimed to make the most of this valuable experience.

During the team night, the athletes all enjoyed themselves, getting to bond with the new director of coaching, Inty Andre, and were even able to witness a game-winning goal at their first team bonding event.

We want to thank you for your unwavering support of West Virginia Soccer. Together, we will continue to chase our dreams, grow as a team, and make our mark on the soccer landscape.

West Virginia Soccer

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