Virginia Beach City FC Academy Hosts a Successful Beach Clean-Up with Young Athletes

Norfolk, VA (September 22, 2023) – Virginia Beach City FC Academy, a renowned soccer club in the region, demonstrated their commitment to both the local community and the environment as they spearheaded a highly successful beach cleanup this week. Joined by enthusiastic young athletes from the club’s youth development programs, this collaborative effort left the 21st Bay Street beach area in Norfolk looking cleaner and more pristine than ever before.

Under the warm September sun, many volunteers, including dedicated young athletes from Virginia Beach City FC’s youth development programs, convened at 21st Bay Street in Norfolk. Equipped with gloves, trash bags, and a shared dedication to environmental conservation, they set out to address the growing issue of beach litter.

The event marked yet another example of Virginia Beach City FC’s strong community involvement, emphasizing that their mission extends beyond the soccer field.

The cleanup was a resounding success, with volunteers collecting a significant amount of litter from the beach. Common items included plastic bottles, wrappers, and abandoned beach toys.

Looking ahead, Virginia Beach City FC has plans to continue its engagement with the community.

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