Virginia Beach City FC Announce 2024 NPSL Season Ticket Bundle

Norfolk, VA (October 27, 2023) Virginia Beach City FC, is thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated 2024 NPSL season ticket bundle. With a range of exciting benefits, including a FREE Adidas VB CITY FC 10th Season Anniversary Jersey, this bundle is set to elevate the fan experience for both adults and youth fans.

Pricing and Jersey Perk

For the adult fans, the season ticket bundle is priced at $120, while youth tickets are available for just $85. What makes this deal even sweeter is the inclusion of a FREE VB CITY FC 10th Season Anniversary Jersey, valued at $75. This offer is valid when purchased before December 31st, 2023, making it a must-have for passionate VB CITY FC supporters.

Season Pass Bundle Benefits

Purchasing the 2024 season ticket bundle comes with a wide array of exclusive benefits to enhance the VB CITY FC experience:

Admission to All Home Games: Fans can enjoy entry to all 2024 home games, including pre-season, regular season matches, friendlies, and playoff games, with the convenience of a laminated season pass lanyard.

Commemorative Jersey: As mentioned earlier, a free VB CITY FC 10th Season Anniversary Jersey is included with each season pass when purchased before the year-end deadline.

VB CITY FC Scarf: Season pass holders will also receive a FREE VB CITY FC Scarf, valued at $20.

Merchandise Discounts: A 10% discount is available for Season Pass Holders on merchandise purchases at the MLDA Team Store, both online and at home games.

Bring A Friend Tickets: Season pass holders will have the opportunity to bring 8 friends to games as their guests with 8 complimentary general admission tickets, valued at $96.

Exclusive Happy Hour: Fans can look forward to a unique opportunity to connect with Team Ownership, Coaches, and the General Manager during a special Happy Hour event.

Youth Engagement: Kids get the chance to participate in the VB CITY FC Summer Soccer Clinic alongside the players, fostering a deeper connection to the club.

These enticing benefits are a testament to Virginia Beach City FC’s commitment to its fans and the local soccer community. The 2024 NPSL season is shaping up to be a memorable one, and this season ticket bundle is the perfect way to be part of the action.

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