From Virginia Beach to Barca Academy: Jorge Bourdette-Tanaka’s Soccer Journey

Jorge Bourdette-Tanaka, once a standout player for the 2007 VBCity Academy team, is now making his way as the newest player of the prestigious Barca Residency Academy in Arizona. At just U17, Jorge has already established himself as a fullback soccer player with remarkable dedication and skill.

Reflecting on his journey, Jorge emphasizes the valuable lessons he learned at VB City Academy. He credits the club’s culture of trust both on and off the field as essential in his development. “One thing about VB City that helped me get to where I am is how everyone trusts each other… How everyone at the club is closely connected in and out of the club,” says Jorge.

Coach Brandon Ricker echoes Jorge’s sentiments, praising him not only for his exceptional talent but also for his exemplary character. “Jorge is a player that every coach wants on their team… dedicated, humble, loyal, and the hardest worker in every moment,” Coach Ricker expresses. Jorge’s commitment to excellence, both in soccer and in life, serves as an inspiration to his peers and coaches alike.

While Jorge’s departure leaves an open spot at Virginia Beach City FC, his journey to Barca Academy symbolizes the first step of a dream. As he begins this new chapter, VBCity wishes him the best on and off the pitch.

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